Yoga by Erin Power

Om författaren

Yogapasset nedan är framtaget av Erin Power. Bifogar hennes egen beskrivning av sig själv. Allt material finns på Marks Daily Apple 


Erin Power is the Coaching and Curriculum Director for Primal Health Coach Institute. She also runs her own private practice helping her clients regain a loving and trusting relationship with their bodies—while restoring their metabolic health, so they can lose fat and gain energy.

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  • Spinal roll down

  • Forward fold with dead hang

  • Garland pose (or child’s pose)

  • Spinal roll up


Repeat this sequence as many times as you like until your back and hips feel warm and juicy. Observe how the first round feels. Observe how this improves in the second round, the third, and so on.

On the spinal curls, imagine each of your spinal vertebrae rolling up, one at a time, like a string of pearls. Concentrate on moving each one independently of its neighbors. In the forward fold, allow your head, shoulders, and arms to hang very heavily, as dead weight, enabling a sensation of traction within the spine.

In garland pose, press your knees out with your elbows, drop your tailbone toward the floor, and try to lift the crown of your head toward the ceiling. If garland pose is eluding you today, take child’s pose and settle right down into the floor. Be sure to emphasize the length of your spine by reaching the arms very far forward, and sending the hips very far back.

Lunge Sequence (front of hip)

  • Upright reaching lunge

  • Low lunge

In the upright version of the lunge, reach the same arm as the downward leg as high as you can. You may choose to lean away, to add more length to the stretch in the front hip.

In the low lunge, bring your arms to the inside of the forward leg. You can remain up on your hands with straight arms, or play around with bending your arms a bit to drop even lower. You may even be able to take your elbows to the floor. Don’t feel the need to push it. This is meant to be gentle.

Linger as long as you like in each lunge, repeating the sequence on the other side.